iagroo Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses Anti Blue Ray Screen Eyeglasses for Women Men, Gray

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  1. ANTI BLUE LIGHT GLASSES-- The reading glasses lens with 7-layer anti-reflective coating that reflects and filters blue light, UV-resistant values up to UV400 can block UV rays. High light transmittance, low chromatic aberration, minimize the glare of screens (mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TVs). It can reduce eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches, allowing you to get a better night's sleep
  2. EXPLOSION-PROOF LENSES--Explosion Proof Polycarbonate Lens, light and multi-coated lenses, it isincrease the hardness of the lens surface, and resist scratches and wear. Magnification glasses option is available from +1.0 to +3.0. These blue blocker glasses give you a clearer view of objects between 12 and 14 inches without further eye strain due to loss of focus
  3. HIGH-QUALITY FRAME-- The frame of the blue light glasses is TR, environmentally friendly material, has super flexibility and memory, is not easy to deform, and light weight can reduce the burden of nose beams, ears, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear. The glasses' legs are paired with durable spring hinges, which will not squeeze the cheeks due to excessive stiffness, ensuring comfortable wearing
  4. EXCELLENT DESIGN-- The reading light glasses for men and women are available in two colors, transparent grey, and transparent pink. The classic frame is suitable for most face types and any occasion, both for men and women. Simple and atmospheric gift box packaging design, suitable for any occasion as a gift! Birthdays, Christmas, etc
  5. INTIMATE SERVICE-- Packing: blue light reading glasses x1, Soft Microfiber Pouch x1, Soft Glasses Cloth x1, Tips Card x1, Exquisite Packaging x 1. You can choose the number of degrees: 100/150/200/ 250/ 300



Why Choose iagroo reading glasses?

Choose iagroo glasses for reading, a new upgrade, the precise design that blocks the blue light into your eyes, reduces headache, eye fatigue, dry eye glare, protects your eyes, and thus better work and life, bringing you the joy of digital life.

With a classic design, stylish, suitable for men and women, less reflection, does not affect reading, almost no color difference. Ideal for computers, electricity, reading, and games, perfect for office workers or anyone who sees screens all day. It can improve your sleep and help you stay active throughout the day.